About Us

Being in the food industry for more than 12 years and with the knowledge of studying MSc Software Engineering, I said to myself why shouldn't I create a website that has the ability of ordering food locally online and have it delivered to your door within no time.

I am hoping to solve the following frustrations in your mind:

  • Hungry! What to eat today?
  • Where is the nearest Chinese / Indian takeaway?
  • How to find your favourite food easiest way?
  • What is available in your area?
  • What are the offers given by your local takeaways?

From the experience of running a takeaway shop, I have seen the takeaway owners have limited features such as no control over their own menu and offers. As a being member of ZenSen Ltd, you have control over your full menu, pricing, offer and invoices.

Join us today using our auto-joining system at www.love-takeaway.com with simple few steps or email us at info@love-takeaway.com or use our live chat. As much as thinking of takeaway owners, customers have great features such as adding their favourite takeaways and never have to search again, earn points each time you shop around.

We work just like a team with our takeaway partners and ensure the customer satisfaction is at highest and experience of ordering and delivering with no issue. Join us today and help use to we keep other customers informed with your experience by writing your reviews and ratings of takeaways you have used. Any feedback whether it is good or bad is important to us on regards to offers excellent service to all our customers.


Ismail Sen